• paypal question

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    Well tried to alter it after your post and the 5 min edit wasn't active. Honest mistake though.
    This did make Mr have another trawl through the rules, and it doesn't actually say you can't type it in on the forums... Maybe it should, or I have missed it.

    Anyway... Chastised myself with the flail of oops

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    If it's any help in "Morrisons" you can buy a pre-paid credit card and use that, your(normal) bank statement would only show you bought 'food stuff' you can also top it up after first use, there's one from Orangecash which is one of the ' cheapest ' to use.

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    Hello folks - oh aren't you all brilliant in doing our jobs for us!

    I've edited the typed name as you're right, it's always an image on our site and never typed (so people can't Google us).

    We try our best to make it near-impossible to find out who we are by that special code - so I'll do a quick search and get in touch with anyone I can in order to keep it secret!

    Thanks again folks.

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    I know this is getting away from the original thread. It is a shame that Lovehoney have to put anything on their packages although it is a bit more descreet than saying "Lovehoney", but only a bit. I'm sure that the postal sorting office know were my post is from and i know for a fact that the staff in my post office know (when i last returned an item, she had a big smile on her face) Lovehoney have told me that the packages must be marked (the address). They are legally obliged. It doesn't bother me in the slightest (it used to) but i wouldn't like to have a work collegue behind if i was returning something although it has never happened so far.

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