• Work burnt out

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    I am looking for some tips. I am currently suffering from work burnt out. or I think its that.

    Lately my work is nightmare and it has been for few hours = team bit falling apart. Me caring about the job, but lot of others cannot be bothered, sometimes I am doing as much as twice as others. Or I am the only available for calls etc. So I get lot of work.

    And I cannot cope anymore. I honestly cannot.

    I feel tired. I feel cold or empty inside, hollow maybe. Its hard to describe. I am pessimistic and after work I cannot bring myself to do anything or even eat, or drink, just stare at the wall, feeling cold and tired and slightly shaking.

    Anyone any advise as how to get out of it? I am part timer, so paid holiday is not an option.

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    I also work in a very stressful job with after work pressures and work that is always in need of being taken home.... however,

    I think it is all about being able to think about prioritising and seeing a bigger picture outside of your sphere of work. I don't know about your personal background, nor the type of situation you live in, however, hopefully these will apply...

    1) Remember, it is only a job - you cannot solve the entire company's problems.

    2) You will die one day.... and life needs to be for living, not for working always. Work helps to pay for things and enable you to enjoy a nice quality of life, however, it shouldn't be everything within it. Surely you would want to have the ability to look back, at any time, and think, I really enjoyed that thing that happened on said date......

    3) Accept that sometimes, you will have a bad day, or things will be crazy manic and god damn awaful!! :) Other days won't be as bad.

    4) Try and carve out time in every week, or every few days, when you do enjoy doing something nice... Go out with your partner (if you are in a relationship) or visit a relative or a friend and enjoy a bit of you time, in the bath or outside or something that you like. If you have kids, especially young ones... play a game with them (even teenagers), board game etc, or build a den if they are really young and watch a DVD.... all can be done cheaply, but it is the TIME factor that is most important.

    5) Eat, and drink regularly, this will keep up your energy levels....

    6) Think about changing job? This might not sound great... if you despise the thought of this, then you might actually, secretly, like your job and so try to work out how to get rid of the bad bits. :)

    7) Think about the bigger picture.... you have lots to look forwards to I am sure, like holidays, weekends, Easter, birthdays, children's stuff, partner time, sex, finding a companion..... so very much to do from whatever walk of life you are in at the moment....

    8) Keep smiling. :) :) :)

    A wise man once said....... "People should work to live....... not live simply to work..." It is a good saying... :)

    From someone, who went to work at 7:30 today, and is still working now. :)

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    Can you not take a few days holiday and relax a little x

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    Well. I am single, with no kids. I live alone in flat, so there is little chance of spending evening with someone. Also neither of my relatives lives in the same city, so my chance is maybe once a month to go to visit family.

    I know its just a job, but when I try to do my job and others cannot be bothered... I am taking more calls than most and replying to more emails than most... etc. And the problem is we are loosing 4 people from the team, so it will be very very bad daily, because the rest of us will be under heavy pressure and overworked.

    I am looking for a new job, but after searching on several websites I found about 2 which I could apply to after meeting criteria and who offer part time position and some flexibility for students. So while this is an option, because of this limitation 99% of jobs I would otherwise qualify for would be closed to me.

    And the problem is... I dont have much to look forward to, really... I dont have partner, so no hugs, no sex (did not have sex for oh year and half), I dont see my family often, weekends means housework and trying to do some study so no time off.

    And I dont have paid holiday, I worked almost year and half straight, with just last week whole off when I had flu... I had week off in August, but I was at conference as part of my university study, so busy from 8am till 11pm, so not much of a relax either.

    I only have flamenco once a week to really look forward to.

    The only solution I am coming up with is professional psychologist, if I can pay that...

    And Kinky, I cannot. I dont have paid holiday as part timer and I had to take unpaid leave to cure myself from flu last week, so already lost 1/4 of my pay. So... Not like I can afford to take another week off.

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    I've read what you've written and I'm sorry that I wasn't of more help...

    A final few points perhaps....

    You say that you take more calls than the others.... how? If you are busy completing the work, then I am sure that you would not be expected to answer the phone, until you have finished dealing with the other work at present...... How do the others "avoid" it....?

    If the work doesn't get done... you'll be amazed at how quickly your company will re-advertise for additional staff once the numbers go down....

    I presume you are studying too.... for some final outcome/aim.... I hope that this goes well....

    More importantly though, try something new, in addition to Flamenco...... like a club, or friendship making opportunity.... or consider moving back closer to home, where you would perhaps have a larger social circle away from work with old friends etc. This would increase you chances of meeting someone too. :)

    I know it seems hard, I know times can be taxing and tough...... but fear not..... Every cloud has a silver lining.

    (As an aside, even those on a part time contract, should be entitled to sick pay.... unless this is in your contract?? Check with citizens advice :) They will help )

    Best of luck....

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    Thank you, will need luck.

    I cannot move closer to my family, because I cannot change university and travelling 2 hours to and back from university would be a nightmare, especially as I sometimes stay there till evening and there is 1 bus only going after 8pm. Plus there is also the flat aspect as why I better stay here where I am.

    I am considering what to try. I got some old puzzle from home, to put together in my free time, as I like that and its bit relaxing for me. As student working part time I cannot afford 2 paid hobbies at once. I love flamenco, but the courses are not completely cheap. But I find it worth it.

    I am actually not looking into meeting someone, tbh. I know it may sound strange, but right now I dont think I actually want a partner. I know one day I will, but not right now. I have enought problems fitting university and work and flamenco and occassional friend meeting into my schedule and dont feel like trying to fit a man there too. Plus I am not in the state to become someones partner.

    They avoid it easily, they dont care about it, so they stay unavailable, while I am available. I work as IT analyst, so the calls are usually users having problems. And usually when I am unavailable, calls get into the queue... Shows how much some people care. And well... I often do like 5 things at once. Maybe I am just bit better at multitasking.

    The problem is getting the right people.

    (I can get sick pay, but why bother going to doctor if first 3 days are unpaid anyway by law, so it would actually not matter, most people prefer to take holiday, I have to take unpaid or see doctor and dont get paid anyway).

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    Oooh Laveila. I'm sorry it's so tough and doesn't seem to be easing up.

    I can't offer any advice but you have my kindest thoughts. I hope you manage to set enough time aside for you. Try to find a way of relaxing - my treat is to use a beautiful smelling body lotion after a bath, or painting my nails. Things I wouldn't otherwise have "time" for - I make the time and try not to feel guilty about it :) (but find something that's lovely for you and cheap - I know some basic things are priced higher where you are than they would be here so I don't know if cosmetics/toiletries are one of those things)

    Please look after yourself lady :)


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    I had a mental breakdown at work and just asked for my hours to be cut !

    I just could not take anymore !

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