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    Do any of you use splenda, chew gum or drink diet coke or pepsi? If you do I advise you to look up one of the lethal ingredients - Aspartame. It is the fecal matter of genetically modified and genetically engineered E-coli. It is 200-300 times stronger than sugar and it actually interferes with your DNA processes, the production of the calming neurotransmitter serotonin, thyroid function and even fertility. If you don't believe me, look for yourself. This stuff should be banned and for some reason it just keeps getting approved to be added to hundreds of our foods and drinks. Why? Test studies have been carried out on mammals and even shrimps. The rat studies showed that each rat given aspartame ended up with cancer, tumours and fits. Studied have also been carried our on pregnant women - misscarriage, birth defects and fertility problems. If this carries on the next generation will be our last. There is so many more dangers not mentioned here and I just want to make you all aware of what you are putting into your bodies. If you still want to use products containing Aspartame after reading this then that's fair enough. But please, don't give this dangerous substance to your kids!

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