• Age Gap Relationships

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    Ok, just wondered what people thought about rather large age gaps. My OH is considerably younger than me (16 yrs) which is alot when im 36. We have a fantastic relationship, I never feel like im dating someone much younger than me, we get on fabulously, and its very rare i think "well that was a bit immature" to be fair men my age and older have had far less maturity - my worry lies really with others, most of my friends offer me advice such as "you cant date a man half your age" or "hes just a boy" or "he doesnt know how he feels because hes too young" so now i feel like a bit of a perv lol, despite the fact he is way more kinky than me!- our sexual relationship is the most equal and balanced that i have ever had, and we are very much in love as well as lust, soooo do i ignore all my mates who think im being ridiuclous and just carry on enjoying our time together or is a relationship with a big age gap destined to fail?

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