• PVC Discolouration?

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    Hey all, we've noticed a few PVC items in our naughty box have discoloured, it looks like items touching each other have transferred colour.

    Our white PVC nurse outfit seems to have picked up some black marks, same with a red pvc skirt. We do have one of those black pvc fun sheets. I'm guessing it's off that.

    Does anyone have any idea if you can clean the colour transfer off? Has anyone else had this happen?

    Sorry if there's other topics on this but I can't see any!

    Thanks :)

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    It happened me in the past so I just make sure nothing like that can touch each other. I wasn't able to get the marks out in afraid x

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    Had exactly the same thing happen and nothing (including bleach) gets it off. We keep them in individual bags now. Incidently jizz also seems to stain PVC, ruined a white nurses outfit. Make sure you clean it off ASAP.

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