• men in just stockings!

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    All this talk of Rocky Horror makes me think I might get somewhere with Mrs.P. if we did that sometime. I have to say the last time I wore stockings in public at a party I was hit on by every woman there, some quite seriously. How they'd have felt about it in a different situation, I don't know.

    The first mrs. P. did like men in stockings (and mascara, for whatever reason ). Some things get better, others don't!

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    Tried them once under jeans during the winter of 2010, now wear them everyday under jeans and around the house. First piece of attire to put on in the morning after shower.Very liberating!

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    I love wearing women's stockings, suspended belt and thong. Even nipped out them on under my normal clothes the other day.
    Did get caught out once by a delivery driver when I was wearing them, he knocked on the door and I just threw my dressing gown on without thinking haha.

    Do women like this sort of thing? I keep it to myself mostly apart from in sites like here where I can remain annomynous. Thinking of trying a crotchless all in one body stocking next.

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    Arnie, It depends on the woman. Some like it, some don't, some don't understand it and others feel indifferent. It's just like anything else in life, we all have our preferences and likes/dislikes.

    I for one feel indifferent. It wouldn't arouse me, but if it made my partner feel good and happy, then that would be fine with me. if you want to try a bodystocking, go for it! I'm sure it will look great :)

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