• What age for stockings?

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    Too young if you ask me. Maybe suggest a nice pair of tights instead.

    I didn't start wearing stockings until last year, but I'd say sixteen or even seventeen would be my limit.

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    i'd look at it like this. She has asked, so you know about it. She is going to an organised event, which you know about. Its a good opening to a conversation that might help if she wants to ask about more difficult issues.

    If you say no, she hasnt taken responsibility, and its made you into the bad guy.

    My daughter wanted her nose pierced, tatoos, all sorts when she was 14, but we discussed pros and cons, she made informed decisions, and she grew up fine.

    You know her. Once she has the experience, she can learn to manage her own decisions.

    If you say no, and she does it anyway, you have a different probem.

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    +1 to all the suggestions for the mock suspender patterned tights, that's exactly what I was going to suggest. She may feel like everyone around has has 'the real thing' while she has a substitute, but in reality she can be the one who stays warm and comfortable while the other girls shiver away while limiting their movements hoping their clips don't come loose. You could put it to her that way too- that suspender belts are such a faff, you personally prefer the lookalike tights and would she like to have a look at them with you. Keep it all poitive like the tights are a better option not a substitution, it's not a lie they look and feel great! :)

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    I've got to agree with other people it is way to early at 14 to be wearing a suspender
    Belt. Is it just her friends that are on about wearing on as well? Has she got a boyfriend that is asking her to wear one or does she want to wear it just for him? I think you will need to come to a compromise of what she will wear.

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    I think its all been said really, and I have to agree with the general view that 14 is too young.

    The suggestions of hold ups/suspender looking tights would be what I would have suggested too.

    I do really think a more in depth discussion is required to ascertain the real thinking behind her request. You would appear to be close and open with eachother, which is fantastic btw, so further discussion shouldn't be an issue.

    I hope you reach a decision you are both happy and comfortable with xxx

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    If my daughter turned around and asked this question i would be distraught! They grow up too quickly :(

    .How about comprimising and getting the tights that are patterned to look like stockings?


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    I'm gonna have to go all 1940's on everyone, and issue the reminder that stockings used to be the norm, and aren't inherrently sexual.

    Yes, there are sexy stockings which should be stayed the hell away from ( though saying that, I had some at about 14), but there are also cute and fun ones.
    With vintage coming into fashion big style, I don't think there's anything wrong with some plain/backseamed stockings, maybe with fun coloured tops? They aren't sexual, they're practical, and if she will feel good in them, then I personally wouldn't see a problem. Also that she may hate them and never want to wear them again :')

    Just make sure whatever she's wearing over them is of a decent length, which honestly I think should be the nigger issue regardless of if its tights or stockings underneath.

    I had stockings at around this age, plain ones, seamed ones, and some with bright purple tops. They're fun, and way less faff for going to the loo... Also less sweaty when it's warm, which is a big plus for personal health down there...
    They're just leg coverings *shrug*

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    I have a teenage daughter to and its very tough but as a mum it must be even tougher.

    However it is my opinion it is to young also . kids are getting sexualized so early its sad but a fact of life. The internet and porn right into the bedroom by WiFi.

    Might I suggest a daughter mum chat . its my suspicion there is a boy involved , if not then a very forward group of girls aplling pressure. Its tough but as pedants we need to guide and protect.

    Whilst we don't want them to feel out of place with their peers I have ta ask what are other pedants doing letting their children wear lingerie. Leanne's right too LH need to cover themselfs not selling to minor's.

    Good luck

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    Me personally, if my daughter asked to wear stockings, it'd be a no. It's not part of a fancy dress outfit, it's a xmas ball, so presuming she's wearing a gown or little black dress etc? As others have suggested why not tights...

    You'll know your daughter's mind better than any of us could, but I'd question her motives, and if the answer is to feel sexier, I'd say no.

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    I can understand peoples' perspective on this, but personally I think it's fine. Stockings and suspender belts are particularly fashionable for people into vintage or pin-up fashion, and sometimes goth and alternative fashion. I was into all of those sort of things when I was 14, and I started wearing stockings with suspenders to social things around that age. I think that if it's something that the individual wants to wear and it makes them feel good about themselves, it's a good thing. I also think that if someone of 14 is asking family about it, then probably it really is about the stockings rather than wanting to impress a partner. I think the stockings are peripheral to making sure that young people are educated about sex in general, and self-image in general. Since it sounds like the lines of communication are open already, I don't see any problems or dangers with her wearing stockings if she wants to.

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    i wear stocking most of the time think i was about 16 when i first had some

    im 65 now and still wear them

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    Hi Everyone and thanks for your thoughts on my 14yo daughter wearing stockings and suspender belt to her school Christmas Ball. I thought I would update you on the compromise I have reached with her.

    Rather than a suspender belt, we have agreed she can wear either hold-up stockings or suspender tights along with a matching thong such as




    She's wearing a flared white dress so she will need white undies.

    Sally x

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