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    Hi there. I have been looking around internet and different forums etc. for crossdressers and man who like female lingerie in general, however I didnt find many active sites. Those active are pretty much involve total gender reversal, being "sissy" or femdom, which isn't anything bad but there is no room for man who would like to learn or get know anything about lingerie as normal daily attire which is not involved in their sex life. I found out this forum only because Im customer here. Its amazing how open minded and interesting user are. But someone looking just in google woulnd find anything about this forum

    As I have notced in this forum there is a lot of users who like to wear lingerie for various reason and iam one of them.

    What your opinion, would you like to have place where you could find all sort of information involving lingerie and your daily attire instead just something happend in your bedroom.

    To be fair when I first start looking around it was really confusing and all material i found was meant for sexual activity.

    Share your opinion.

    thank you

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    Hi there,
    You are right there really is a lack of information out there. My hubby likes to wear ladies underwear at one time he thought he might be gay or a cissy because every time he googled it to find likeminded men that was what resulted in his search. It made him question his sexuality.

    He knew he was and is totally straight after much talking and soul searching, he came to realise that he just likes the feel of ladies underwear and hosiery on his skin. He was searching for a label so we have given it one (sensual dressing).

    Going back to what you were asking, yes there is a need for a website solely for this as it would save a lot of confusion for men in the same position. This is the only place we have found that discusses it without it being solely about sexuality. It could be a way forward in ridding the stigma attached to it as this isn't a subject that males talk to their male friends about out of fear of being ridiculed.

    I am shocked after reading on here how many males like it 😊 It helps put your mind at rest to know you aren't the only one and you aren't a freak. It would be good if wives and girlfriends knew more about this too as it can be painful when you first learn about it as a wife/gf as we automatically question the sexuality of it too (particularly when the hubby/bf doesn't have all of the answers.

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