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    hi! havent dressed up with my boyfriend before, in fact for any one. by that i mean sexy lingerie.

    i want to look nice for him as i havent seen him for a month. i am conscious of my chest area - only like padded bras etc

    what do you recommened?

    also how do you go about revealing the underwear, do you find it best to go to his house already dresses and reveal or ask him to leave the room and stand there?

    thanks for any help!

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    Hey there! Welcome!

    Before advice, can I just ask, are you conscious of your chest because it's on the larger side or the smaller? That might impact what we recommend.

    Also, not to get personal but are you plus or straight sized?

    Personally, I just wander off nonchalantly while he's doing something and then call him to the bedroom when I'm ready. I've done this 100 times and he's still surprised every time. Or, I wait until he's coming over (we don't live together) and then answer the door in something sexy.

    If you're doing it at his house, either option is good. Although, I've found a lot of lingerie is not designed for long term wear so going over to his house really depends on how you get there. I once walked down the street to my ex's house and my stockings ripped to shreds before I got to the door.x

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    Hi and welcome to the forums.

    If it's the first time, I'd let him undress you and find the underwear for himself or find an excuse for him to go downstairs and quickly slip into something sexy before he gets back.

    If you go with the first option then it depends what you're planning to wear over the lingerie as to which styles you can get away with wearing. I think you can't go wrong with a nice bra set, suspenders and stockings. These can be worn under anything.

    If you're wanting to slip into something, a pretty babydoll or chemise would be a good, non-intimidating place to start. If you want recommendations, it'd be helpful if you told us your size and price range so we can suggest something suitable :)

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    Hello and welcome to the forum 😄

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    Hello and welcome xxx

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    You could arrive in lingerie under your coat and nothing else. My wife met me off a train once like this and it certainly had the desired effect.

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    As a bloke I like the idea of my OH being dressed and then the reveal - means you can control when to do it. A seductive striptease, a quick strip while he is out of the room so he comes back to you dressed or when he is undressing you - so much flexibility! The OH wearing bra and suspenders or a silky body would work wonders!

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    I agree with the suggestion of bra, pants, stockings and suspenders and wear a coat over. Don't forget to take your everyday clothes with you to change into, when it's time to go home. You asked about bras and if it's worry about smaller breasts, you can get some great bras that can boost you to 2 sizes bigger. I don't know if they sell them here, but many places have them now. I have to add though your bf no doubt loves your breasts no matter the size.

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    Hi omg203 and welcome to the forums xx

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    Hi welcome to the forums! I'm conscious of my small boobs. I have found the long line bra in my avi photo is excellent!

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