• Beyonce leather and lace corset.

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    Thanks nat and Tom.


    Maybe these ones now would go well.

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    I was blown away when I saw the white one in the What's New section. If I didn't actually gasp, my mouth dropped open. I hadn't really looked it up anywhere else, so I was unaware it came in different colours, much less white, and the black one is so stunningly gorgeous to begin with! Straight on the wishlist it went.

    If I haven't mentioned it before*, I love love love white lingerie, so it should be no surprise that I rank the new one over the original (though if I had my way, I'd get both). I disagree on the 'sweet and innocent' thing, though. I feel it is just as dramatic, daring, and flirty. Maybe moreso. (Just look at the way the model is wearing it, after all! She looks plenty powerful and sexual to me!) I think the whole white = innocent, black = naughty, red = passionate thing is just culture-induced colour association. I think that's also the reason it tends to be relatively harder to find white lingerie in the west, especially anything that isn't labelled as 'bridal'... but I'm happy to find that that's becoming more and more a thing of the past. Thrilled with all the new white lingerie appearing on LH as of late!

    * I have. Many times.

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    I have just ordered the white Beyoncé corset.
    Extremely excited now to see how it looks and can't wait to see my wife wearing it. Really intrigued to see how it will compare to the powerful look the black gives of and if the white will be angelic and innocent look like I expect.

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    Ladies that own ghis can you help. My OH is size 18 and 40F. Do I order the 3 or 4xl?

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    Northseaguy. There's a list of sizes for the corset on on Sam's sticky thread 👍xx

    Oh my gawd. ....just seen the white version of beyonce corset on bondage gods profile and it's absolutely stunning, defiantly more innocent than the black version. I reckon I'd be a good lass in it but the black I'd feel heavily powerful medievil style 😂
    Thanks for sharing the lovely pics 💟xx

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    Hi slinkybinky. That is the vibe the white corset really does give off a very innocent look. My wife says the white is her good girl outfit which is ideal for lovemaking sessions and the black is her bad girl outfit for bondage sessions and is well suited for when I'm being spanked.

    That is no problem in sharing the photos.

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