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    I love tights on women,But my fetish has taking it a bit further i love wearing my lovers worn ones so sexy knowing she has just been wearing them,Also to me they do look feel sexy on me,My Lover tells me for some strange reason they look good on me.

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    Hate them, think the gusset is the biggest turn of ever! I know it's predictable but much prefer hold ups on my OH for day to day wear and suspender stockings for play!

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    Love stockings, but have discovered a love of tights to, I'm very much a leg man, clad those legs in tights and stockings and oh boy, the wife has taken to wearing some very nice tights that are open crotch and DO actually look great on, plus I love the feel my self

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    Always wearing tights or pantyhose daily. Do have to say love the glossy ones most got all colors and many styles.


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    I love tights and hold ups and stockings 😍

    It's not a fetish for me but I have a weird body shape and can never find trousers to fit me properly so I wear dresses/skirts most of the time

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    I love tights! :). I have loads of nice dresses to wear this year but some are quite short for me to feel comfortable around family/in laws, so i have few sets of black 100denier tights and few natural coloured ones. I always wear them under a dress so i dont feel exposed. I find them comfortable and makes legs look smoother etc.

    I have just started to invest in some stockings though, got a good reaction from husband when i spontaniouly wore some ;). Ive just brough some more from lovehoney but i still feel like my thighs looks 'bulging' at the top if i wear stockings mid way up from knee to crotch. Im not a big gal but lost quite a lot of weight (was a size 14 - now a 6/8) so maybe thats why?? I have to wear my stockings near enough to the top to feel adequatly sexy. Advice if you're in the same boat? xx

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