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    Hello everyone!

    We've had a media request for an article about a female sex toy tester:

    I am looking to do an article with a female sex toy tester and was wondering if anyone from Lovehoney would be interested in taking part? They would need to be named and pictured.

    The person involved would receive a full read-back of the piece before it was published, and be paid a fee.

    If you're interested please send an e-mail to press@lovehoney.co.uk.



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    Just so I’d have the definition clear: if I own quite a few sex toys and have written a few reviews to Lovehnoey, but have not yet been selected for testing by you (or anyone else), does this make me a “sex toy tester” or not?

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    I don't believe so Era. The way I see it is : If you receive sex toys from a company in exchange for a detailed honest review of the product. That makes you a Sex toy tester.

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    Hi era

    Yep, as FrozenAngel has explained, a 'Sex Toy Tester' is someone of receives free toys in exchange for a detailed, honest review within one month.

    You'll know if you're picked because we'll email you before we send you anything.

    Make sure you keep your Sex Toy Testers Wishlist up to date, and comment on any Sex Toy Tester Threads to tell us what you'd like to test from the list to increase your chsnces of being picked.

    Thanks for your interest!

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