• Anal orgasm.

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    Had a wonderful anal orgasm the other night!. We used vibrating anal beads while having intercourse and the orgasm was was outstanding. Needless to say will be using an anal vibrator of sorts again. Normally find it difficult to orgasm without the use of some sort of clitoral stimulation but this was just as good. I assume others have experienced this? Would like to know your thoughts.

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    Thought this thread would have had more interest.

    I seem to put the kiss of death on a lot of threads but i'm curious, what is an anal orgasm, is it different somehow to a non anal one?

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    never experienced an anal orgasm. Only just learned how to have a G-Spot/penetration orgasm, after only ever having clitoral ones!

    Sounded like you enjoyed it

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    Hmm sounds like a bit of a combination orgasm sunseasex..

    I often wondered to what an anal orgasm was but since I have had them nothing comes close to the feeling for me now.

    I will try and describe my personal feeling and the trigger but I am sure as we are all individual it will be different for everyone.

    Most guys should be able to enjoy prostate massage which milks your prostate and makes a guy cum without the use of external stimulation but this is not an anal orgasm.

    I get this by fisting only and not through the use of toys or vibrators etc...

    After having my anus stumulated by gently inserting 1, 2,3, 4 , 5 fingers on various combinations, moving her fingers around and inside my hole with plenty of lube which alone is a fantastic feeling she will slowly insert her hand pointing her fingers and tucking her thumb inside her hand... the feeling of slowly being stretched is heaven.

    Once inside the journey starts... moving her hand around slowly the slightest movement while inside makes me jump and jerk...not a full orgasm at this point and the feeling is hard to describe. As the movements and depth progresses so do the sensations.. waves of uncontrolable jerks and nerves inside are touched and triggered... then you get the uncontrolable urge to push as if you have a bowel movement.. you can't stop yourself and if your fister is experienced they can hold themselves there without beng pushed out and prolong the feeling as you push they push and move their hand around inside driving you mad as you feel like you are about to explode from the inside out...At this stage for me I am a wreck...I am usually climbing the walls as the feeling is so intense that the slightest movement inside now triggers me off again ...I usually cum at the same time when I get this but its not the same as bing externally stimulated... its totally out of your control. Your inside contract and push and you can't stop it ...It doesn''t stop there for me..depending on how deep the play is withdrawing brings a whole new set of orgasms as the reverse journey starts until her hand is totally out or pushed out when I am usually still jumping and twitching inside and out...its a amazing feeling..!!

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    I've also just learned how to orgasm without clitoral stimulation so I'm just enjoying that for the moment

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    Although, I can make my man orgasm through anal alone

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