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    I have just started writing reviews and have a couple of questions.

    Sometimes a review I've written shows up in my profile as awaiting approval and other times they don't show up until they're live. Is it normal for it to be so erratic?

    Also is there any point writing a review for a discontinued item? I bought the Tantus Acute which is amazing but Lovehoney no longer sell it. Is there any point writing a review for it?

    Thanks :)

    MrsMcX [sign in to see picture]
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    For me, if I write a review on a laptop it shows as pending. If I use my iphone it doesn't show as pending. Could that be the problem?

    It's your own preference whether you want to review discontinued items xx

    Lovehoney - Cazz [sign in to see picture]
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    delilahxx - Our system has lots of reviews sent in everyday so some do take longer than others, as for the pending/not appearing I can't say I have had anyone report this before! As long as they show up after 48-72 hours I wouldn't worry about it. If it has been longer than that then please try and re-submit your review or contact Customer Care, who will be happy to help. I always advise when writing reviews to copy them on to a word doc just incase they fail to upload you have a record.

    As for reviewing discontinued toys it is totally up to you, as the product is not for sale it will only show on your profile - as the item is not searchable on Lovehoney and won't have a product page unless some one searched through our discontinued products page. So if you are wanting to show more samples of your work then feel free to write about discontinued products it is totally up to you.

    amandammmm - Yes if we decide not to stock something your review will not appear online nor will the product!

    Hope this helps x

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    D - I know what you mean about the pending status not showing, this is a problem quite a few pople have asked on threads previously, and something I've noticed with my own reviews, it seems to be becoming more frequent for me personally, and it always leaves me wondering if it got lost (which has also happened 3 or 4 times).

    I upload all my reviews on the laptop, so don't think it's a device related problem

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    I always review discontinued items, one because It boosts up my review count and if I feel strongly about the item like a Leo product that discontinued, it was an amazing toy an I wanted to share my thoughts on it X

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