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    Just felt like the way you was talking you wasn't enjoying it here.

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    @MissTig - My picture..? The new/old Avatar....? Its quite old, used before, in another place. I have lots more pictures - some on FetLife, some elsewhere. Don't want to say any more, sorry. Might get in trouble again..... You will just have to look for them... ;-)

    @Lollipop :-) - After the weekend I had, nothing could make me unhappy...... :-) Two Fet evets, in one weekend. I got flogged for the 1st time. Bondage Photo Shoot tomorrow. Another Photo Shoot next week. The LH Forum...? Nope. No effect here. Will just ignore it for a while.

    Sorry, got to get back to FetLife. Much more interesting, believe me.

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    I think you should just drop the sarcastic tone. And I would also say LH should close this thread now. We get it, your unhappy. Just let it go. If it's really not that big of a deal because you have 'more interesting places' to be, then you wouldn't have to keep making passive aggressive posts! It doesn't accomplish anything and I'm afraid to say, makes you look a bit childish.

    Keep up the good work LH - no complaints from me ;)

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