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    katzie23 wrote:

    Lovehoney - Jess wrote:

    katzie23 wrote:

    Lovehoney - Jess wrote:

    katzie23 wrote:

    Contacted them & yes I read the rules before uploading which is the frustrating thing because I believe my photos are very tame & the background I used is the same as my avi which was approved so I cant see why there would be a problem, thank you for your advice though :) x

    Hey katzie23

    When did you upload your images? I'll check to see if they were disapproved for a partcular reason for you :)


    Hi Jess, I uploaded them yesterday, once just after 10:00am & another L.H worker told me she couldn't find them & suggested I uploaded them again so I did last night & still nothing? So they have been disapproved then? Thank you

    Hmm - all the images which are uploaded are manually approved before they show on the website. I also could't see your images on our system - could you have a go at uploading them again? I'll keep my eyes peeled for them and make sure they are coming through the system ok. Sorry about this!

    Just letting you know I've just uploaded two photos, can you see them on the system one is the same as my avi

    Hey! Sorry for my delayed response.... we still haven't received them! :( I spoke to Karen in customer care this morning, who I believe you spoke to earlier today to see if we could resolve the problem but they still don't seem to be working :(

    Have you checked the resolution and the format for the images you're uploading? They must be saved in jpg and no other sort of file.

    If you're still having problems, please email you images to us and we'll try to get to the bottom of it!

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    Hi, sorry also been busy so not been on the forum for a couple of days. Yeah she emailed me asking if I could email the pictures but not yet recieved a reply since I sent them. Yeah I have checked all that so just as confused myself lol.

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