• please Help with Lovehoney birthday code!

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    hello folks at lovehoney, if anyone is about im wondering if you could help me?

    it was my birthday on monday and i got an email code offering me 10% off as a birthday gift, ive just gone to use it (treating myself to a lelo smart wand, got a very bad back at the mo due to being weeks away from giving birth)! as my birthday money has cleared into my bank account today and noticed the code hasnt worked :( looked at the email again and it says the offer ended on midnight on monday :(

    would it be at all possible to help a very pregeant lady out and resend me my code so it works now that i have the founds avavible to use it, it is still my birthday week after all? ;-) me and my poorly back would be ever so grateful!


    ps ive also read orgasms can bring on labour and im getting to the stadge where im willing to try anything to bring that on, so it can be another job for the lelo once its cured my poorly back!


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    Hi diamonds, I saw it was your birthday a while ago, I hope you had a great time :) I think this is a question for the LH crew, I hope they reply soon! (It might be better to use LiveChat though)

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    Bump for LH to see

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    As far as I'm aware you get your birthay discount 2 weeks before your birthday and can use it up to midnight on your actual birthday. I'm not sure if they'll be able to extend it for you but its definitely worth an ask! Using Live Chat tomorrow might be easier and quicker :)

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    Hi diamonds,

    Please get in touch with us on Live Chat, email or call us on 0800 011 6899.

    We will need to take a few details from you to check your account.

    Hopefully, speak to you soon!

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