• Auto spellcheck on reviews

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    Hi Lovehoney team,

    I was just going to suggest you look at adding an automatic spellcheck to the online editor which is used when submitting reviews. There are plenty of easy to integrate tools out there for your developers to consider.

    I was thinking this would reduce one of the "boring" bits of copy editing for you since if we can see incorrect spellings when we type them we far more likely to correct them ourselves!

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    Google chrome has this feature installed with it. It's a blessing for someone like me (dyslexic)- meaning I no longer spend any time arguing with online pedants about my terrible spelling.

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    Most modern browsers -- Mozilla Firefox, Chrome and Opera -- have inbuilt spellecheck already.

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    OH has just updated to Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 7 and it now includes a built in spell checker, and it seems to auto correct as you type too.

    It doesn't work for forum posts on here but it does work if you write a product review.

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    I have had spell check on FF for a couple of years now. just in older version you had to turn it on in the options

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