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    I just tried repeatedly to place an order in chrome on my ipad2. I know the forms a bit iffy on the iPad but didn't know the shopping cart was so twitchy! My wife then had the same problem on her ipad3 and then on my laptop, again in Chrome. Each time either between selecting items or when selecting to checkout the cart emptied. This may be due to the amount in the cart as I've bought one or two items before without issue.

    Eventually I used IE and was able to complete the order but I thought if no one at LH knows of this issue it won't get fixed for next time...

    Plain Jane [sign in to see picture]
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    I always have trouble using the forum on ipad and on chrome, I'm using opera at the moment and chat usually works fine on this

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    I've never understood why anyone would use Chrap, err i mean, Chrome anyway.

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    Chrome works fine for me. Have you fiddled with any privacy settings that might affect cookies or sessions?

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    I've had problems with the shopping basket since I joined LH. I have reported it on numerous occasions.

    Doesn't matter which computer I am using, nor which browser.

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    My account won't stay logged in on Chrome on my iPhone, have to used the PC is I want to get on the forum.

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