• Return and refund :-( How do I do this...?

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    I received my lovely order today in the post today before 1pm (which was amazing!) however, ten minutes before my mother went to work at 9:30. She demanded to know what was in it and is now nigh on forcing me to send it back for a refund (rather prude parents :o[ ).

    What's the process? Is it possible to keep one item from the order and still be refunded on everything else? - was thinking maybe sending the massage oil over to my other half's house.

    This is so embarassing :o(

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    That's thoroughly annoying. I'm sorry to hear you're having issues with the parents.

    I believe the LH staff are quite staggeringly helpful, so I'd suggest either phoning, emailing or clicking on the old 'Live Chat Help' whatsit at the top of the screen & seeing what they can do for you.

    I hope you manage to sort things out - and keep smiling!


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    That's a real shame. Can#t you just keep the lot with your other half?

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    Can't you pretend to send it back? Surely if you are over 18 your bank statements and stuff are private anyway so she wont know. If not it tells you how on the back of the invoice.

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    Wow that’s bad at least you’re using a toy and not putting it about how bad can a toy be?? Frustrating when rents just dont get it...

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    awww Kel that really sucks! Total invasion of privacy demanding you tell them whats in your mail then demanding you send it back wow...assuming your over 18 ofc you have a right to spend your dosh on what you wish but hey ho....parents...not logical right! Lovehoney have an amazing returns policy

    You start by filling in this online form https://www.lovehoney.co.uk/help/returns/

    it will then take you to the next page which will give you the freepost returns address (If you still have the invoice there will be a returns sticker on that anyway. but here is the returns policy and a video telling you exactly how to go about returning an item:


    Hope that helps, but like a previous poster said if you really want to keep the items you could pretend you sent it back and send it all to your OH's....if you can get away with it xxx good luck matey xx

    In fact here is the whole help section of lovehoney for any FAQs etc in case you dont find your answer above: http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/help/

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    Ok. I would say if you are over 18, your mother has no say on whether you have toys. I know that sometimes parents claim, that as long as you live under their roof, you have to play their rules, but honestly. I would say that unless you leave your toys laying everywhere, they should not care much.

    Btw. my parents, both of them now, saw one of my toys. My dad knew for a year, my mom found out when I was home last time, as I forgot my Pin Ups bullet under my pillow and she decided to change my bed (I only visit like once a month). I may be lucky. But nothing bad was said.

    As for returns, I did it few times. Its possible to keep one item and send the others back.

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