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    Seems there's been a few issues surrounding chat recently, I've had a number of people tell me they've been sending me messages and I've not replied when in reality I can't even see them as being online and similarly I've tried chatting to people and they've said the same thing about me. I haven't set myself invisible for the record.

    So firstly any way this can be looked into LH? Or are there any known issues that we should be aware of surrounding the chat?

    And secondly a couple of things that may help - firstly I've found it to work best in Chrome browser and I just noted some versions of CometChat have a few minor issues with IE, and also some times it helps to log out and log back in, or change your status to say busy then back to online. Also if you have multiple forum tabs open an incoming message may appear in any of the tabs and not necessarily all of them, a refresh of the page then opening back up the user you were talking to will bring it up in any given tab.

    Another possible explanation is that it seems even after a user has left the site it still leaves a 'footprint' on other peoples chat showing them as online when in reality they aren't, therefore they obviously are not receiving your messages even though it appears they are which could lead to confusion.

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    Didnt really know there was a chat!.... Asked the wife and she pointed it out.... Now im like doh! :-P

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    There are lots of issues with Chat. It hasnt improved since I began here as a member over a year ago. Dont think it will

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    Yep it's always been the same, you show as available for an hour after you have logged off. If you make yourself invisible it remembers that, and even though you look "green" as in available, you aren't unless you physically change your status to available. Equally that caused concerns to people who wanted to be invisible thinking that they weren't as they show green so all in all it's hard to know what status you were so best just to change it each time you wish to chat. As TT pointed out if you have multiple Lh tabs open then the message will only appear in one and not the other so you have to refresh to get it and sometimes that 'loses' it...

    Am sure there were more things but essentially since the launch of chat these issues have been there and any search of old "chat problem" type threads will have the same comments and solutions within them. Personally I gave up on chat a long time ago as a result...

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