• Model/Cam girl profiles on LoveHoney??

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    I can imagine but waht exactlyy are the camgirl sites? S

    Should i feel left out no one pesters me?

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    I really don't see the issue here - the only time I've heard anything about camgirls is on this thread. They tend to keep quiet most of the time and only use this website because of the wishlist facility. In a way they're helping to keep our favourite company in business so what's the problem? They're not advertising all over the forum. Having their website linked on their profile isn't considered advertising as far as I'm aware because they're not being in your face about it at all.

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    Some chat room / forum thing, they pop up every now and again phishing for members

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    KebertXela wrote:


    Some chat room / forum thing, they pop up every now and again phishing for members

    Ah yes - I believe we've come to an agreement with SFUK now though. They are very complimentary when it comes to Lovehoney, however I have made it more than clear that they are not to advertise here on our site.

    As it stands, I haven't seen anything from them which breaks the rules for quite some time.

    As always though, if anyone should spot anything on the forums which they deem to be breaking rules or you just don't like it, please take full advantage of the 'report' button. We check ALL reported posts :)

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    I am a webcam girl. I do not really post on the forum but I do often buy items from LH as the items sold here are essential for the job and I normally write reviews too. I don't really understand why anyone would have a problem with cam girls being here as long as they aren't spamming the forums or begging for gifts. x

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    I havent noticed this but to be fair I have only been using the forum for about a week and I love it! I love the discussions and posting reviews, i find it a challenge to increase my rank and get advice from like minded people! I am addicted to buying off lovehoney the range of products is amazing! It also goes down nicely with my student budget as most toys are affordable!

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    Ive been here a year and can say I have only noticed cam girls like....twice....on the forums. I seem to remember one used to come and chat, like the rest of us and I think I have seen more posts from general folks asking for gifts than I have from the cam girls. It definitely isn't rubbed in anyones face, it seems respectful to all involved imo and they have just the same amount of rights as the rest of us. They are customers at LH (or their fans buy from the wishlists) they may pop onto the forums and say hi or join in, which some do, some don't and they are not allowed to advertise links to porn, just like the rest of us. I think almost all of them are happy here to use the wishlist option and don't bother or pester anyone (If they did used to do this in chat function, they certainly don't now.) so...no problem :D

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