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    Just found out on one of Lovehoney's alternative sites (www.cocklocker.co.uk) that they have had an offer on PPU undies, buy 3 get the cheapest free, it would have meant I would have added another 2 pairs to a recent order as they would have been free !!!

    Will have to keep checking in the future for offers but thought the offers would have been the same as on Lovehoney seeing as they are all the same company/stock/reviews/login etc.

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    have you emailed them or lh customer service?. I once missed out on a free rabbit cos I spent over £40 the day before, then the offer came up of a free rabbit when you spend over £40. so i emailed them saying I was miffed that it had happened, and they sent me out the rabbit anyway. its worth a try! wots the worst that can happen? they'll only apologise and say no. good luck!


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    The offer is still available on cocklocker but not on lovehoney, I am guessing that due to that site having no mention of oh points that it maybe gets better offers.

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    i didnt even no cocklocker was part of LH well now dont i just feel silly lol

    may have to take a peek lol


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    anything for a cheap offer go for it girls

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    Contact Lh! They're great at finding a good solution. If they can't help (as is conceivable as it's a sister site and they may keep the two totally separate), just take advantage of their 365 day no quibble returns policy and make your order at cocklocker.


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    can't really return them now, had a small problem with the order but decided to keep the affected items as they weren't too badly affected and have recieved a 10% refund instead of me returning them and getting them replaced otherwise I would have

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