• Any1 know how long returns take to get back to Lh?

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    Am in abit of a quandry over a toy I've returned. I posted it 2wks ago, using the freepost label and, as of yet, haven't recieved an email to confirm it has arrived aok. Am worried because I've returned other toys in the past and they've gotten back to Lh within a wk - 10 days. How long does it usually take? Any1 know? I have the posting certificate but worried because it was an expensive toy that has broken (again!) and am requesting a reund now - it was a replacement for the original 1 that died afew months ago and to have this 1 die on me I am very sceptible about having another. It's just unnerving when this happens, understandably.

    Any help very much appreciated!! Ta, a worried D69x :-(

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    Contacting live help in the morning is probably your best bet.

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    Agreed. Contact LH. My longest return in UK was a week. I think it is also possible that LH got the toy, but the email got lost. Happened to me when my last order was despatched. I had to contact LH, as it was replacement and it has been several days without hearing anything. I was told the toy is on way, was sent the previous day, yet I never got any email, and I did check my spam folder too. These things do happen.

    Also if you hve the certificate of posting, you should be fine when contacting LH.

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