• Changing or re-doing reviews?

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    I did a forum search but nothing seemed to pop up.

    Since starting on LH in April, I have found a way of writing reviews that works for me.

    My recent reviews have all been written in a certain way with headers and sections. However until recently I was finding out what worked for me and so the reviews arent how I would like.

    Is there anyway to change or re-do them?

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    Sort of related but I've now changed my opinion of a toy - I didn't give it a very good rating first time round; now after a few more months I'm enjoying it and feel I have unfairly graded it.

    I didn't use once and then review but it seems to have grown on me - probably because my other vibe died and this one was all that was left so I desperately used it and now get on with it.

    I'd like the opportunity to amend my review too - just to make it fair....

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    Hmmmm, have been giving this some thought. There's no way for community members to edit submitted reviews and it's not possible resource-wise for us to edit them for community members.

    In your case, LittleKitty, I think it would be fine to submit a new review and explain your reasoning.

    MM, yours is more tricky. You could re-submit new reviews for the items, but the previous ones really ought to be removed so as not to skew results. I'm a bit wary of opening up the floodgates and getting too many requests to re-write reviews. Drop me an email and we'll see what we can do?

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