• returning 2 orders in one box?

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    hey guys

    ive been trying to get on the LH chat but its not here this morning, i bought a few items in the sale the other day and made two orders, sadly ive had to send things back from both orders, so ive only filled out one refunds sheet but put both order numbers on it and the items im sending back.

    im also sending back all of the items from the two orders back in one box with a note saying why im sending them back, my name address ect ect and both order numbers.

    im off to the post office in a bit but just wanted to make sure this is ok and if its not just to warn you thats what ive done so im sorry if ive got it wrong?


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    I'm also returning/exhanging a few bits and was gonna put them in the same box. As long as you put in the appropriate order numbers and details, I don't see why they wouldn't be okay with it.

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    Hi, I'm sure if you mail customer services and let them know you'll be fine!

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