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    Hey there

    Just wondering if you can recommend any women's erotica novels? I have never read one so it would be my first, I just dont know where to start.

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    Hello Gibbs and welcome to the forums. You've come to the right place to ask as we have a great selection of erotica to suit all tastes. As a beginner I recommend that you look at the Black Lace titles or the Xcite titles. The other ones such as Nexus, Chimera are slightly more kinky and once you know what you like you could expand into these.

    There are so many great authors that to begin with it may be a good idea to go for a Short Story collection. This will give you a number of writing styles and themes to explore and if you find an author you like it is likely they will have written a novel too. One of my favourite and our customers favourite based on it's popularity and reviews is the Seduction - A collection of Naughtiness from Black Lace it has 13 sensual short stories from some of the best writers of Erotica.

    Also for great offers do check back with us as we have a book of the month where we offer a free gift or discount. This month it is the Tracey Cox Superhotsex £14.99 with a free Tracey Cox Vibrating Egg.

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