• toys melting! Arghhh!

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    But there wasnt any lube in there. They have been fine sitting where they are for god knows how lol. I normally just fish one out then throw it back in lol.
    It gave me a nice excuse to buy a new toy hehe.


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    mine was weird tho, one melted and the other grew bubble-like hard lumps, was a bit like... ummm im sure that wasn't ribbed before? LOL xx

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    well tbh breaking the old ones is a great excuse to buy new ones in PMSL!!! always makes me feel happier knowing i can now buy more but it just means iv longer to wait til i can build my sex dungeon PMSL!!! xx

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    Wow I have never heard of toys melting. Thats really bad. I would be gutted. I always keep mine in a big draw at the bottom of my wardrobe. In bags so that they dont collect dust. Of course they dont have chance to due to the amount they are used

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    We've had this problem before, so we bought some cheap bags from http://www.toycrazy.co.uk/drawstring-pouch-bags-11-c.asp

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    blkrose wrote:

    Rofl , glad to see i'm not the only one this wierd melting has happened to. I recently got the 18 inch double ended dildo, and promptly chucked it into my drawer next to my others. Only to discover that my fav pink toy had 'melted' either side...as if the outer coating had gone leaving the inner silicone visable....doubt i'll now be making little bags for my toys to prevent this from happening. I use liquid silk as well but surely this should be safe as it is a water based lube....argh.....new toys here i come

    Liquid Silk contains 2% silicone, it's mentioned in the list of ingredients (Dimethicone). See the product page http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=7163 (ingredients section). Great lube, I love it, but I wouldn't use it with silicone toys, the amount might be small but it's still silicone .

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