• Error when wishlist-shopping?

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    I have been trying to get a couple of things from a friends wishlist, but it won't let me buy it. I've bought stuff for him before with no problems, so not sure what the issue is. When I get to the payment details, it says "we will send this order to your wishlist friend X in X"


    Since I've bought things off his wishlist before with no issues and I'm doing anything different from usual, I'm guessing it's a glitch of some sort? I've checked and double checked everything, even my bank account, so I know I have more than enough money for it.

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    Hi Cilla, sorry there was a problem with that.

    Yes, a glitch in the matrix.

    Please can you e-mail websupport@lovehoney.co.uk with a step-by-step description of what you did.

    For example, did you log in with account, which payment method did you choose, did you use the browser Back button to go back and forth at all...

    Please can you also tell us which wishlist you're trying to buy from and we'll have a look at that too.

    Hopefully we'll be able to recreate the error and fix it.



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    I got it to work, it seems using my saved credit-card details didn't work, I just had to re-type them instead of crossing the box with the "use available card"-thing :)

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    Hi Cilla

    Many thanks for pointing out the problem. It's now been fixed.

    The Doc

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