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    Scanning through some reviews and forum comments, I had a thought that might be something useful for the techies at LH to implement if possible. Follow-up reviews. Many of the reviews I see are submitted quite shortly after first getting the item, which is good, initial responses are critical. However, there might also be value in allowing someone to followup a review after a period of time with the item, say 3 or 6 months, to see how the experience changes over time. I believe this will add significant value to the reviews, a different take on opinion having taken some time to get to know all the idiosyncrasies, find new and interesting details, or identify long term issues with the item.

    I presume someone can submit multiple reviews, but this would be something different, the followup would be linked directly to the original review, so someone reading the review would see the initial, and the followup connected on the page.


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    I'm pretty sure I read once that intitial reviews are deleted if the same community member posts an updated review of the item. If you want to edit a review later on, then you can contact customer care.

    I think it's easier for people to just take some time to get to know the item, rather than rushing out a half-hearted review the day after it arrives. I wait a couple of weeks and have 5-10 tries with toy testers before I review and then things I've purchased myself can take months for me to get around to writing about

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    Thank you for the suggestion and feedback. 

    Mutiple reviews from one member are not really what we are looking for. It sadly causes knock on issues. NatandTom are correct, if we pick up on a duplicate review from a member we do delete it. 

    We would recommend writing a review once you are fully in tune with the toy or had some wear from the garment. Then you can offer a true and honest opnion and feedback on the item. 

    In regards to testers, we alow a month but if a new review is warrented we would avise to contact us , let us know and we can arrange the removal of the old and in with the new .

    Great suggestion and we do have a dedicated thread for this , I will pass this feedback on for you. :)

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    I guess I understand this perspective. As I work in a large retail consultancy, I was applying principles we use on a day to day basis for our clients, qualitative and quantitative analysis, the value of instinct and reaction, etc. But I guess this is a somewhat different market.

    Thanks for the link, I'll be sure to post any other ideas I might have over there, sorry if I've broken protocol at all.

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