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    GeekyEleanor wrote:

    Got any weird anecdote from concerts and festivals?

    Some years back we saw a couple having sex in the moshpit during one of the concerts at Metal Camp. Other people were careful to leave them enough room and protect them from the moshing crowd so no one would get hurt. It was crazy, but it was so nice to see others not even thinking of calling security to have them removed and actually leave them some privacy.

    Oh wow! Never seen anything like that.

    But one thing that always stuck in my mind was at Glastonbury in '95. We had finished watching a band, can't remember what it was now. But I saw 2 girls squating to have a wee with a big drop behind them, down to trees and woodland. They were both a bit drunk. Before I knew it one had toppled backwards with her jeans round her ankles!! I never knew what happened to her and always wondered if she was ok, and if she tells that story now!

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    Well this is weird...was at a Marillion gig with my wife aroud 1990,front centre balcony seats,get there and a dwarf is in my seat! I show him my tickets and ask him politely to move,he refuses saying he was there first! I respond by saying that i`d specifecally booked the seats so i could sit next to my wife! He still refused,so i got security,and they moved him to his actual seat,which was still front row but adjacent to,not facing the stage.For the whole show he kept throwing me evil glances! I was worried he`d kick off outside,as i`m no bully and wouldn`t want to kill a dwarf!

    I have form with dwarves...we were at an event at the NEC,as my wife,me and our friends walked round i kept noticing a dwarf in our midst,he seemed to be tagging along with us,then i noticed why...the top couple of buttons on my wife`s blouse had come undone,revealing her ample cleavage,and the dwarf`s head was level with my wife`s boobs! fter i told my wife to button up,we all had a good laugh!

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    Well looking at the pics it seems it was a muddy and very wet one this year . 

    Look out for potential emails flying about for reviewing purposes. 

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