• Newby to toy testing.

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    I've set up a toy testing wishlist.. well started one! Me & my hubby have an extensive collection of toys which will continue to be added to monthly.. can't have enough choice 😘 and I'm add reviews for the 2 large suitcases full we have so far + with all future purchases..... being able to see real reviews is the reason why Lovehoney is my favourite online shop.. it's the 1st website I recommend to friends who want some spice in their lovelife and its my go to site for daily bargains.

    I was wondering if I can do more than 1 review for an item? Like if I was lucky enough to be picked as a toy tester can I do multipul reviews from my account name? As myself and oh would like to review based on personal use and a couples review using the toy together? Or does he need to have a dif acc?

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    I'm not sure how submitting multiple reviews at once would be, it might clog both the system and your account. It seems there are better options, like having an account for your partner just to write reviews on (while keeping a main account for shopping, your tester list etc). Or do as many other couples do; one person writes the review but includes things from both perspectives. Whether you use seperate headings ('what he thought', 'what she thought', for example) and each write half of the review or have one person writing the entire review including both of your opinions, it's entirely possible to review as a couple on just one account and submitting just one review per item.

    You can submit multiple reviews for one item from one account, but generally this is used for if you've changed your mind. For example, you give a 3 star poor review for a toy you've just bought, then you use it more and realise you actually love it so give a new 5 star review at a later date.

    You'll also need to re read the information on becoming a tester at all as your wishlist only contains items that are not available for testing, check out this post:


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    I think lovebirds has summed it up perfectly! If you need additional help. Then live chat is always open x

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    I'd go for just splitting the review in half that keeps things nice and simple and everyone can appreciate that it's a couple opinion from two diffrent perspectives.

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    Agreed. Do seperate headings.

    I reviewed a pink silicone dildo, and i had seperate headings because i used it vaginally, anally and as a couples toy (pegging). It may seem like a long review, but people can skip to the parts that are relevant to them.

    Multiple reviews would be really confusing because, unless its clear that youre re-reviewing because your opinion has changed (for better or worse) people might think it odd that one person has reviewed the same item several times with different ratings.

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    I agree, one review with separate headings if it's relevant.

    Ive seen a couple of people who seem to have 3-4 reviews for the same item and they were only a few weeks apart. I didn't find them useful at all, it just made me question why their opinion kept changing. There's no rush to write a review (unless it's a tester and you have to do it within a certain time) but still give the item a good try what ever it is and don't just do a review on first impressions.

    I would only ever submit another review if my opinion drastically changed and I would make it clear this was the case.

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    I don't think you can. Recently I got a tester item and submitted a review for it but the review appeared to not have went through so a few days later I resubmitted it. Since the item has went live one review also went live while the one I resubmitted as I thought the original hadn't worked is still showing as pending on my account but I doubt that it will ever actually show up as a live review at this stage as it's been weeks now. Hope this helps :)

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