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    Thanks for clarifying this, Cazz.

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    I'm not sure if trying to enforce a ban on the abbreviation would be wise, as many use it with affection.

    It's like a few other big brands have abbeviations which are used by their members on their public forums and it's ok for customer satification that they keep doing so, even when the shortened term can be linked with certain company aspects, or even what would be classed as negative slang (DP, M&S, etc).

    I don't really see that the odd member using the shortened term would bring it up on a search easily. Yes limiting it is helpful, in ways, but really those looking into it will have some basic idea of what the site is for when seeking it out when searching. Ohers will be flooded with all the other things it can be linked with.

    Just some thoughts.

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    Thanks cazz. Hoepfully that all understood for everyone.

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    I've typed lovehoney on my iPad now so many times it predicts what I want to say after just "lov" so I'm only typing one more letter...... It's onlya matter of time till it's just "l" I have to type before it goes LOVEHONEY!!!

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