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    Curious if there are any other US Customers out there who don't find the tracking numbers registering in a timely manner with the USPS to see where your shipment / package is?

    I found LH via a google search for a specific product and honestly first order didn't even realize it was a UK company but they have become my "Go To" source for these products now due to packaging, range or product, customer reviews and product... it is just frustrating getting excited about an order and not seeing when it might arrive.

    BTW LH customer service is awesome too, just looking for other feedback from any fellow customers in the states.

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    For US tracked orders with us remember you can always check them here before they show up on USPS! http://www.royalmail.com/track-your-item

    However from experience USPS are either: really prompt and informative or: very unprompt and uninformative.. it really is a 50/50!

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    I have NEVER had a tracking number that has worked. I usually call customer service to see if they can track it. I live in MT. My packages usually arrive 5-7 days after the estimated date.

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