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    Up loaded 2photos last thursday and only 1 has appeared

    Never know [sign in to see picture]
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    Maybe it was against the LH guidelines?


    menyanthe [sign in to see picture]
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    The other one was probably not accepted for some reason.

    Here is a quote from the photo upload page:

    No thanks!
    • Cover up: penises, testicles, vaginas, labia, anuses, nipples, sexual activity, erections through clothes. And not just with see-through clothes (the clue is in the name). Don't use toys to preserve your modesty, it doesn't work!
    • Tidy up before you take photos: a messy background is distracting. Double check the background for things like your children’s school photos or anything else you don’t want the world to see. Remember you’re showing off the lingerie, not your home decor!
    • Be subtle, sexy and tasteful with your posing. Overly explicit photos (e.g. open-legged shots) won't be approved.

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