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    Been a loyal LH customer for a while now and had to do my first return last week (fit was terrible, huge on the body and tiny on the boobs)
    Really shocked today to get an email telling me to return the free gift (can't do as it was used before the lingerie was tried on) or pay £10 for it.

    There was another item on the order I didn't return (it didn't quite reach the amount needed for the free gift on it's own) and I've been a loyal customer with no previous returns, not to mention that this was the first time I ever managed to remember to click on deal of the week.

    With having to pay for an item I never wanted anyway and the return postage from Ireland, I may as well have kept the badly fitting basque!

    If I had returned the full order or had a history of returns I'd understand but I'm down money on the item I didn't want and international postage and it just seems like a rubbish way to treat a (now formerly) loyal customer.

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    It's stated in the returns page that if you had a gift with something you are returning you need to return both. It makes sense because otherwise it would enable people to get a lot of stuff for literately free! :) http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/help/special-offers/

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    Hi Dubliner,

    I will pass this thread on to our Customer Care team, who will be more than happy to assist you further.

    Many thanks

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    Hi Cazz,

    It makes sense that people would abuse it otherwise but if there were other unreturned items in the order and there's a history of purchasing with LH with no returns, it seems a bit much.

    But actually when I pointed out my buying history etc.. Someone emailed me back straight away and did refund me which was really good and now I feel really bad about my rant (I'm in a terrible mood this week because I just found out the landlord is selling the house I rent and love and I took it out a bit on ye)

    Feel free to delete my ranty post.

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    It is our policy to ask for free items back.....as I am sure you can imagine, a lot of people would abuse our returns policy by just purchasing items with freebies and then sending it all back for a refund - except for the freebies!

    There will always be exceptional cases of course and we will consider individual requests, but in general all free items should be sent back.


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    Hi Dubliner,

    Just to let you know we can return things for free from Ireland! :) I didn't realise this at first, but if you click on the DHL easy returns link in the email you get after filling in the return form you will get a special prepaid label, and you can just bring it to the post office :)

    I'm glad you got this one sorted out anyways!

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    Hello Dubliner

    As LibraLover said you can us the DHL link

    i know this because i live in Holland and when i wished to return somethigns i got i was think it would cost moreto sent back than the item was worth so was not to happy but that is life .

    i asked on the live chat and one person told me i would have to have the post to ship back to uk .

    was not a happy person but then i wiould keep the item

    after i got somemore items from lovehoney and 2 items it not fit my wife i got on to the live chat again to ask about returns and the lady this time old me i could us th DHL link to return for free

    i then did this with all 3items because it was with in the year and got my money back on 2 items and because one item was in a 3 for 50 pounds i asked for a new items also from the 3 for 50 pounds and this was sent out to me with out any cost ,

    so i cam only say that i wished more webshop or any shop had the customer service like Love Honey

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