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    I just wanted to ask if anybody who has been on here for a long time knows what the biggest discount is that Lovehoney have ever offered?

    I have been looking at a couple of pricey toys for a verrrry long time now. As a student who, after rent, bills, food etc has a disposable income of around £3 a week, £120 worth of toys isn't something I can afford.

    Lovehoney currently has a 15% off voucher for this weekend, even after that it is still more than I can afford, but I really don't want to miss out if this is the lowest the price is going to go. I WILL buy them one day. But I'm not sure whether to get them now while the price is low or wait and hold out for a bigger voucher?

    Has anyone ever come across a bigger discount before, and how often do they normally come around?


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    If you search the web you can often find discount's for LH (there's always 10% kicking around somewhere) not just the e-mail ones the biggest discount i've personally seen and used was 30% of a £35 min spend available through i think the fem first website

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    25% off comes up every so often, usually for a £50 spend. There will probably be more offers coming up to Christmas, but there's no guaruntee on what they'll be! Unfortunately I don't think there is any way to predict the regularity of them either.

    There have been a lot of vouchers lately (or at least I've had lots via email) and tbh you can generally find a voucher of some sort online, so if you can't afford them right now don't stress yourself or your budget; there will be more vouchers! (plus the individual items may come on sale or be included in offers, you never know!).

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    I've been thinking the same thing today, could really do with a 25% off to but OHs fleshlights

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    Google lovehiney discount codes. Quite often there is a 30% off one available via other websites. I have used it a few times. Not sure if it's running at present

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    Christmas day offers.

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    Don't forget to keep checking Lovehoney Deal of the Day and Deal of the Week as you may find what you are after is on offer. Sometimes 3 for £x works out really good too especially when combined with money off coupons too.

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