• iroha by TENGA

    TENGA is a name synonymous with pioneers of male pleasure and is an international, best-selling brand of innovative male sex toys. iroha by TENGA is the Japanese brand's debut collection of sex toys designed specifically for women, by women.

    Drawing inspiration from their quest to redefine pleasure for women, TENGA have developed luxury rechargeable vibrators, each offering a unique, powerful and innovative form of intimate stimulation.

    A hallmark of TENGA is the quality of materials they use and the way their toys are engineered specifically for pleasure. Each iroha is made from unique Soft Touch silicone which is smooth, supple and squidgy in texture and feels completely natural against your skin and sensitive spots. Combine this with the quiet-yet-powerful vibrations and beautifully sculpted shapes to enjoy a delectable experience like no other in the world of sex toys for women.

    1. iroha by TENGA as reviewed by The Times