• Men's Guide: How to Buy Sexy Lingerie for Women

    So, you've decided to treat your lady to a seductive new lingerie set. That is excellent news. However, where do you go from here?

    In order to help you not only choose the perfect lingerie size, but select the right style and colour, we've whipped up this handy guide which takes you through the finer points of picking lingerie that she'll love.

    If you're still struggling to make a selection, we've even added a few dos and don'ts to make it even easier. Just scroll through the top tips or watch the video from our expert to make sure you're picking the perfect present for your lady.

    Above: Not sure where to begin when it comes to underwear shopping? Watch resident lingerie pro, Sammi Cole, tell you the three things you need to know in this video.

    Some Final Pointers

    If you're still searching for a little bit of advice, here are a few handy dos and don'ts:

    1. DO Get as much information as you can about her size - if you know her exact measurement in centimetres or inches, that's even better.

      DO Check out our guide on How to Buy Lingerie for Your Shape. You may pick up some tips on what will suit her best.

      DO Look at her evening or party dresses for inspiration. Lots of women wear party clothes that closely emulate the colours and fabrics they would prefer to have in their lingerie drawer.

      DO Give Customer Care a call or email if you need any extra advice about any particular lingerie. Our friendly experts are here to help you choose.

    2. DON'T Buy something that's just for you. She may not want to wear it or feel comfortable in it.

      DON'T Buy a bra without buying the matching knickers. It's nice to have the option and can be difficult to match up later on.

      DON'T Go too far out of her comfort zone. If she likes long chemises, she may not feel sexy in a wet look body.

      DON'T Be afraid to ask her best friend for help. She'll appreciate the effort you've gone to (plus you'll get major partner points with her friends).

    We always want you and your partner to be totally happy with the underwear you choose, so if there are any problems at all with your final selection, don't forget that our no-quibble returns policy gives you a year to return or exchange your gift.

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