• "Squeeze! Relax. Squeeze! Relax. Enjoy..." Sex Toys Review Round-Up

    "It's certainly quieter than me, so I'd have a cheek to complain about a little buzzing!" shouted the not-so BashfulBabe, but what was she so happy about?

    In this week's sex toy reviews, we've had relationship advice, toy usage tips and some rather unexpected science lessons - what a knowledgable bunch you are!

    Lovehoney's 5 Best Reviews of the Week

    Lovehoney Waterproof Ladyfinger Mini Vibrator

    "It's certainly quieter than me, so I'd have a cheek to complain about a little buzzing!" shouted the not-so BashfulBabe. Taking full advantage of Lovehoney's Facebook exclusives, she snaffled a pocket-friendly Lovehoney Waterproof Ladyfinger Mini Vibrator for an absolute steal.  Exclusive offers for our Facebook fans change every month and as BashfulBabe says in her review: "If you're on Facebook and not a Lovehoney Fan yet, go do it now, seriously, I'll wait. OK, done? Great!". You heard her, find us on Facebook for some unbeatable deals. Go, go!


    Tantus Alumina Flow Dildo

    Pluglife tested out the range of Tantus Alumina dildos and after a little "Squeeze! Relax. Squeeze! Relax. Enjoy!" he gives us his verdict on the Tantus Alumina Flow Dildo. With a brief science lesson on the colon, his review is certainly Alumina-ting!


    B Swish BWarm Amber Massage Candle

    Also taking a scientific approach was WandA reviewing the B Swish BWarm Amber Massage Candle. With stopwatch and notebook in hand, "this product turned in to some form of science project for me. I performed another experiment on this product". I wonder if the study was peer-reviewed?


    Total Ecstasy Triple Stimulator Rabbit Vibrator

    Heartening words from shadowbroker this week, who reviewed the Total Ecstasy Triple Stimulator Rabbit Vibrator. If browsing Lovehoney was an "intimate, erotic, and trusting experience", just how great was it when we delivered the goods? 


    Lovehoney Ice Scream Waterproof Multispeed Vibrator

    Sexylesley has reached and breached her 100th review. Don't think it has all been hard work though, as she gives us the lowdown on the Lovehoney Ice Scream Waterproof Multispeed Vibrator which gave her "peel-me-off-the-ceiling orgasms". An outstanding reviewer in her own right, she's also benefitting from other Lovehoney reviews, saying "it didn't occur to me to try it on the clitoris, and only tried it because reviews were suggesting it". What goes around comes around, eh?

    If you want to share the love, here's where you can you can review your sex toys.

    Comments (3)

    • WandA: August 03, 2010 11:32
      Whoooo I'm famous!
      What do I win? ;)
    • sexylesley: August 03, 2010 15:19
      Yes i enjoy doing reviews, have no problem it comes from the heart and i give my opinion. Have learn't from other poeples reviews. Everyone else seem to know that the ice scream vibe was a good clit toy, i hadn't noticed...originally (i think Lovehoney are teasing me he he!!!)
    • Alice: August 06, 2010 13:57
      WandA: The love and admiration of your fellow OAers!

      sexylesley: Tease, us? Never! Thanks for all the reviews.

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