• G-Spot Secrets Revealed

    The G-spot - a source of intense pleasure or the figment of an over-active gynaecologist's imagination?

    It's been the subject of much controversy - does the G-spot exist or is it the figment of an over-active sexual imagination? We asked 1,500 people about their G-spot experiences in November and December 2006 for TV sex expert Tracey Cox - and at last the results are in.

    As well as repeated assurances that G-spot orgasms do make girls gush, this is what we've found!


    How did you hear about the G-spot?

    Magazines       35%
    Friends       19%
    Can't remember       17%
    Sex education books or films       10%
    Internet       8%
    Other       6%
    Sex education at school       3%
    Newspapers       2%

    Thank God for Cosmo, Scarlet and their rivals: they're obviously more concerned with improving their readers' sex lives than bored biology teachers or tabloid hacks. Perhaps we need a G-spot scandal to get the red tops interested?



    Do you believe that the G-spot exists?

    Yes       80%
    Undecided       18%
    No       2%

    Not much room for G-spot deniers or Richard Dawkins types here: most of you were firmly convinced, even if some of you hadn't quite found it yet.



    If it did exist, where would your G-spot be?

    Inside the vagina on the front       70%
    Inside the vagina at the back       19%
    Near the clitoris       5%
    I don't know       5%
    Beneath the vaginal opening       1%


    All those biology lessons weren't entirely in vain, then, as most of you know your female anatomy well enough to see where the G-spot should be. 'Beneath the vaginal opening' looks like a bit of a trick answer: maybe some of you got it confused with the prostate, in some ways a male equivalent to the G-spot?



    Have you ever tried to find your G-spot?

    Yes - I definitely found it       39%
    Yes - I think I found it       32%
    Yes - but I didn't find it       16%
    No       12%
    No - I don't believe it exists       1%


    Well you've certainly been busy - hope you used plenty of lube! For those of you who thought you found it but weren't sure - or couldn't find it at all - look at our G-spot guide for some great tips. And for the 1% who don't believe it exists, why not take up UFOlogy?



    And were you...

    With a partner       50%
    Both with a partner and on my own       23%
    On my own       17%
    Never tried to find it       10%


    Who says romance is dead? With half of respondents letting their partners in on the hunt for the Grail, we're touched by this show of sexual solidarity. As for the 10% who never tried to find it, what are you waiting for? Reincarnation's just a theory, you know - this is probably it.



    Where would you first turn for advice in finding your G-spot?


    Partner       37%
    Sex experts       19%
    Internet chat forum       12%
    Friends       11%
    Other       11%
    Wouldn't ever ask       10%
    Parents       0%
    Teachers       0%


    No surprise that none of you fancied asking your Dad where to find your G-spot ... but we had another warm fuzzy glow from the revelation that more of you would turn to your partner than a sex expert for advice. As for those of you who wouldn't ever ask, go on, don't be shy...



    Have you ever had a G-spot orgasm?

    Yes - definitely       33%
    Yes - I think so       27%
    No - I don't think so       18%
    No - definitely not       11%
    I have no idea       10%


    Good news with over half of you at least potentially having had that special G-spot experience! Some of your thoughts include making sure your partner's fully aroused before searching for it, having towels handy to cope with the gush (and no, you haven't wet yourself), and making sure you're with the right person - it's easier to stimulate in a caring, confident relationship. Those of you who have no idea should lay off the pills and booze, it'll only end in tears.



    When you have sex, does stimulating the G-spot help you to orgasm?

    Yes - sometimes       47%
    No       28%
    Yes - always       25%


    So it doesn't look like G-spot play's for anytime, anywhere - keep it for that special moment.



    When you have penetrative sex with your partner, which position is best for G-spot stimulation?

    Doggie style       40%
    Her on top       27%
    Missionary       14%
    Reverse Cowgirl       11%
    Other       8%


    Playing Fido and Spot seems to work best then, although few of you were as exuberant in your doggie descriptions as this respondent: 'I thought I found it 'cos I came all over my bed while getting banged doggie style and I came for so long and really couldn't move for a minute. So great, haven't had one like that in years. I was 19 when that happened.' To improve your doggie style sex, why not try our range of sex furniture, especially the Liberator Wedge.



    Would you consider using a sex toy for G-spot stimulation?

    Yes       90%
    No       10%


    No surprises here, as Lovehoney customers don't tend to be adverse to adding toys to their sex play - and with a range of G-spot toys in stock, you're sure to find something that'll work for you.



    Have you ever used a sex toy for G-spot stimulation?

    No - but I do own sex toys       46%
    Yes - I have       41%
    No - I don't have any sex toys       13%
    Yes - frequently       0%


    Most of you may well have been spurred by this survey to move from the first category to the second, as most sex toys can serve more than one purpose - even if none of you were prepared to admit to using your toys for frequent G-spot fun!

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