• Most Promising Newcomer(s): Fun Factory Extravaganza

    Fun Factory Curve Silicone Dildo

    As I said back on Tuesday, the Fun Factory line has just exploded recently with unbelievably great looking toys.  Fun Factory has always come up with well-made, innovative toys, but recently they seem to have really outdone themselves.  It seems like every time I come onto Lovehoney and check out the new vibrators and dildos, I'm seeing something that I have to have coming out of Germany.  I've before focused on the Bandito, Bendy, and the P-Twist so I am determined to put a lid on my big love for Fun Factory and focus on other lines - but only after I show you a couple more that are now firmly on my Must Own list. 

    So here is the whistle stop tour of what is new from Fun Factory:


      The Curve Silicone Dildo is a perfect example of what makes a Fun Factory toy stand out from the rest of the pack - the differences are subtle, but when you see them, you wonder why no one thought to do them before.  The delicate curve on the end acts as a handle, making G-spot stimulation as simple as a flick of the wrist and adding safety and convenience to anal play.  The swirl of shine from the head along the shaft is just gorgeousness personified.


    I find it impossible to see the Delight and think anything other than, "Want. IT."  Shaped by someone who clearly knows the way a woman is formed, made by people who are known for quality engineering, rechargeable, AND the most striking colouring possible?  I could not come up with any way to improve on this toy - I only wish more companies were making toys with this combination of sweet G-spot curve and easy grab loop.


    It hasn't been around long, but already the Bootie has a five star rating with three reviewers.  And why not?  It is perfectly shaped for newcomers to anal play, as well as more advanced users.  Made out of a 100% safe silicone, it is soft and flexible and adorable to boot.




    Starting next week, I show you some of the other exciting products - none from Germany, I promise... for a while, anyway.

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