• Need to Lose Holiday Weight? Get Laid!

    New Year's Resolution?
    Alright, so I may have over-indulged over the holidays by a cookie or so.  Maybe by a few packages of cookies.  Or a few cakes.  One or a dozen mince pies.  But with the parties and the jolly Christmas markets, what else could I do?  And now comes the inevitable - the New Year's Resolution to Lose Weight For Serious, This Time.

    So as I was drearily plodding my way through various diet plans and exercise tapes (are they serious by putting out a WAGs tape, do you think?  Because that seems like insanity to me), I found the best thing ever.

    Sex.  As.  Exercise.

    Yes, I said it.  And so did a fitness magazine.  According to them:

    You can't exactly substitute a romp in bed for a three-mile run, but sex does offer some fitness benefits, says Laura Berman, PhD, author of The Passion Prescription: Ten Weeks to Your Best Sex - Ever! (Hyperion, 2006). "You'll strengthen your quads, hamstrings, and abs and burn calories," she says.

    Of course, how many calories you burn depends on the duration and, ahem, vigour of the activity. A moderate 20 minutes will burn only about 28 calories, 32 at a more energetic rate - but you can burn close to 100 calories if the fun lasts for an hour.

    I know that I've thrown out my post-holiday diet plans.  I just need to find a willing workout partner...

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