• Animal magic - the next wave of sex costumes

    And you thought our happy rhino was weird ... The latest sex craze sweeping the nation, according to April 3's The Sun, is couples having sex in furry animal costumes.

    In a 'Real Life' article entitled 'We're at it like rabbits', Britain's most popular paper gets to grips with 'the call of the wild in the bedrooom'. Sarah Bonnar, a 30-year-old ecologist, says of her gorilla-suit-wearing boyfriend, 'As soon as I gently fingered the black fur, I felt strangely aroused,' while Tristan boasts that 'When I've got the bird costume on, I'm aloof.' Only model Elizabeth strikes a bum note when she questions 'What's sexy about a ferret?', but even she's won over by a 'big honey monster' bear outfit. So will Lovehoney start stocking crocodile suits alongside the more standard dressing-up kit? Watch this space ... and let us know which ones you'd like to see by contacting the Lovehoney feedback forum.

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